Paperwork, especially in the IVF world, isn’t optional. Between patient treatment record, inspections and audits, keeping your clinic and quality control data organized is a tedious job.

Up to 20% of your time can be taken by administrative tasks instead of focusing on your clinic mission , yet only 30% of IVF clinics are using Electronic Medical Record systems.

Paper records and quality control just don’t work. They get forgotten at best, lost or unreadable at worst.

Not only it is time consuming but work has to be done if you want to get any information out of your quality control data for example. Sure you could re-enter this data in excel for example but wouldn’t it be better to have the data collected directly mapped out into graphs?

EMRs have limited reporting and they are very costly. This price tag is pushed down on your clinic but at the end of the chain on your patients.

But really your clinic needs a tool that first and foremost help your work and then accommodate the governmental requests.

A solution: a more flexible system, designed for your clinic first to help with insights and the paperwork.