Reading a longform profile of Jeff Bezos, we found an interesting—and telling—statistic. “According to a Government Accountability Office survey of 16 agencies, only 11 percent of the federal government has made the transition to the cloud.”

What percentage of IVF laboratories have moved their instrument quality-control processes to the cloud? Can cloud-based data storage really be secure? If so, what are the benefits?

Well, the U.S. Department of Defense the CIA, General Electric, Apple, and Netflix use Amazon Web Services, and here, an aphorism holds true: Actions speak louder than words. These organizations demonstrate their trust in secure cloud-based hosting simply by using it. Indeed, they could not function without it.

Reflections, the instrument quality-control monitoring app by IVFqc, also uses secure web-based functionality to protect the data entrusted to it, namely individual use accounts, two-factor authentication, audit trails, and encrypted off-site servers.

Users may self-customize their log plans to meet their specific QC needs day-by-day, input data manually or with streaming smart equipment, analyze and report on their data, easily prepare for inspections, access their accounts from any internet-connected device, and understand laboratory operations in valuable new ways. And these are just some of the benefits.

In this sense, users may connect their laboratory instruments to the Internet of Things. Smart incubators and cryostorage units are already part of it. They join cell phones, tablets, and computers; thermostats, fire detectors, and home security systems; and wearable activity monitors, household appliances, lightbulbs, and satellite radio in the IoT. This integrated system of devices and living beings has enriched the human experience, and all of life.

Is your laboratory using Reflections? Sign up for a free trial today.

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